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I’m a firm believer that your past does not define you but I do believe that it sure does shape you. I absolutely love my life. But I haven’t always felt that way. I feel incredibly blessed to have the family that I have and a life that I love.  It’s a miracle!  It’s what makes me so passionate about people and sharing my story of the diverse family, business, and ministry experiences that God has entrusted me with. Someone once cautioned me not to speak or coach until I have something to say through the grit of experience; until I have lived it. When you speak from that place, your words are authentic and come from your very core and that’s what sets great leaders and influencers apart.


I’ve traveled around the world and had opportunities to equip and train church volunteers and leaders from the poverty stricken jungles of Costa Rica to the opulent city of Dubai and here’s what I’ve learned, people are the same wherever you go, regardless of their socioeconomic status. People desire to live a life of significance and I know that God put me on this earth to help people and organizations live that out in a way that is authentic to them. No two people are the same and no two churches or organizations are the same so there’s no one size fits all approach to coaching people and helping organizations reach their God potential. The fun part is digging into what makes each person or organization unique and to help them find and put feet to their purpose and vision.  I’d love the opportunity to talk to you about the possibilities…

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